New Homes Austin Apartment to Home Purchase Program Gracy Farms


Do you desire the American dream of home ownership but do not have enough money in savings to qualify? Just pay your rent. It's that simple and easy to qualify for thousands of credit dollars that you can use towards the purchase of a new home built by Pacesetter Homes in the Greater Austin Area.


When you enroll in the Pacesetter Homes Live and Earn program, 20% of your base apartment rent at Gracy Farms will be calculated then applied as a non-monetary credit towards the purchase of a new Pacesetter home. The credit cannot exceed 3 percent of the purchase price of the new home.

You must have lived at Gracy Farms for a minimum of 12 consecutive months to qualify for the Live and Earn credit and execute a purchase agreement with Pacesetter Homes within 30 days of your lease expiration date.


Visit with your leasing agent at the Gracy Farms office and sign up for Live and Earn when you enter into a 12 month lease at Gracy Farms. If you currently live at Gracy Farms you can still enroll in the program and you will receive credit towards the months you have already lived there.


Visit the leasing office at Gracy Farms and request a Pre-Qualification Certificate. Take the certificate with you when you first visit a Pacesetter Homes Information Center. If you decide to purchase a home, you will then need to obtain an Approved Certificate from the Gracy Farms Leasing office to validate your eligibility and credit amount from Live and Earn that you will receive from Pacesetter Homes prior to closing on the home.

Only one Certificate allowed per home purchase. Each leaseholder is eligible to earn the full credit amount, but credits cannot be combined.


Just two minutes from THE DOMAIN, The Village at Gracy Farms is an exceptional apartment community conveniently located in North Austin. Gracy Farms includes amenities such as a resort style pool (with Pool side WiFi access), 24 Hour Fitness Center, picnic areas, a pet park, and a playground. Each apartment features granite counters at the kitchen and the bath, and stainless steel appliances. Garage and carports are also available.

Live and Earn is a non-cash credit program and does not represent a savings plan or re-bate on rent paid. It represents a credit that can only be applied toward the purchase of a new home built by Pacesetter Homes. Tenant may utilize a real estate agent, however tenant assumes responsibility for payment to procure the services of a real estate agent should tenant choose to hire one. Pacesetter Homes will not pay a commission to ten-ant's real estate agent should tenant elect to participate in the program. Resident will have up to 30 days from move out date to apply the Live and Earn credit towards the purchase of a new Pacesetter home. Resident must uphold standard terms and conditions of his/her lease. Live and Earn is subject to change at any time by Pacesetter Homes and may have variations of how the non-monetary credit can be applied. Pacesetter Homes reserves the right to cancel this program at any time.

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